DG Amenagement, carry out second fix work, renovation work and new design layout in Nice, Fréjus and the Alpes-Maritimes

Whether you are a company or an individual, DG Amenagement provides you with a great solution, to both the interior and exterior finishing work of your property. We can manage your new build project or renovation project, and work with you, to help improve your spaces. With 15 years of experience in the building industry, and an extensive knowledge of all the relevant trades, we provide a great partnership, that is tailored to your personal requirements. We take great pride in meeting your project deadlines. All of our work, is covered by a 10 year warranty. (please see Terms on this website). This warranty ensures that we meet the high standards of your project and within the agreed budget.

Why choose us? We are a local company, and we know this area like the back of our hand. We carry out all of the work on your project ourselves, and we do not use any sub-contractors, so you benefit from our personal support onsite. All of our work is completed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the building trade and the local department. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, we will provide you with an excellent service. We are a dynamic, yet local company. Our selling point? We render your first draft designs on computer in 3D, based on simple photos and drawings you provide, so that you can visualize your design, and then discuss it with us.

Experience and professionalism are the key strengths of our company.

As well as these, we provide a quality, multi-trade service, with only one point of contact between you and us. We keep you updated in a professional manner, and ensure that your second fix work is running smoothly, and that we are working inline with our proposals and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to benefit from our expertise and experience on your upcoming project.

Second fix work

We support both companies and individuals, in their second fix projects. From the creation of 3D drawings, at the start, right through to the completion and delivery of the project at the end, we assign you a single point of contact, to manage the multiple trades involved in your project.


Do you wish to renovate your home? We specialize in the renovation of various properties. Whether it is an apartment, or a luxury villa, we will work within the constraints of your budget. Using our expertise and our network of partners, we can find you an affordable solution.

Planning solutions

Since accurate planning, is crucial for a successful layout and floor plan. We study the most suitable solution for your indoor/outdoor space, and use 3D drawings to ensure that your project meets your requirements.

Our DG Amenagement partners

With 15 years of experience in the building industry, we have established a large network of reliable partners, who use high quality building materials, and who provide you with an excellent service, all whilst continuing to maintain a single point of contact, through us.

Support for Individuals

We listen to your requirements and concerns, and will give you an honest opinion on the feasibility of your project, such as its cost and its duration. We can competently guide you through the whole process.

Support for Businesses

We study your project requirements, and can give you a detailed quote. We are also able to assist you in responding to outside requests for tender. Do not hesitate to contact us.

pour particuliers

Nous nous adaptons à vos contraintes afin de vous assurer une réelle perspective sur la faisabilité de votre projet, son coût et sa durée de réalisation. Nous sommes également compétents pour vous orienter de manière rigoureuse !


Nous étudions votre cahier des charges tout en vous précisant l’ensemble des technicités relatives à notre offre. Nous sommes également aptes à vous accompagner dans les réponses aux appels d’offre. N’hésitez pas à nous consulter.

Attention to detail, is something DG Amenagement
pride ourselves on.

You will find a selection of work we have carried out; including extensive finishing work, floor planning, and renovation work. Whether it be a bathroom renovation, a new dressing room layout, or an upgrade to the insulation of your home, DG Aménagement will provide you with an excellent service and we will happily guide you through the process.

Find the testimonials and opinions of our customers

“We called on the services of DG Planning to renovate our bathroom for accessibility reasons. Mr. Olivier assured us of a quality service, which we got, and also a professional follow-up service, which we highly commend. We recommend this company.”

Bertrand G.

“A very professional and proactive company. I recommend this company, in particular, for their insulation work. Gabriel’s attractive price and availability made the difference”

Geoffroy G.

“We called on DG Aménagement to modernize our kitchen and we were very satisfied with the results. We recommend them!”

Laura P.